Remember the phrase
Ain’t love grand?
Intertwined hearts
Connected uniquely
Blending together eternally
Matched so perfectly
Complimenting each other
Yet such symbolism
Has no solid foundation
Without Christ within each heart
Millions who tasted the bitter pain of divorce
Know only too well what happens
When two do not remain solid in Christ
Oh that such pain would not reoccur
As lessons learned are not in vain
Oh that hearts are healed and matured
As spiritually souls are changed
Minds are renewed and transformed
With the washing of the water of the Word
Hearts are hungry for more and more
As they protect and guard their gates
Knowing to keep armor on always
And be on guard 24 7

How wonderful it must be
For God to see such transformation
As He looks down from on high
Delighted that his children are changing
Preparing for the Second Coming
As in Christ they abide.
A parent is proud of their children
When they observe maturity and change
As is Our Father
When His children yield
Pray and obey
What a wonderful goal
To make Him proud
Because of yielding and doing things
His way
Agreeing that I must decrease
He must increase
Oh that we all progress to such a degree
As daily we submit our will
To He.

Written by Linda Lou Jones