Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Even though a baby can’t talk
He has ways of communicating with you.
His cry of distress reveals
When there is something YOU must DO.

Sometimes when he cries
Many tears are shed.
Sometimes there is noise but no tears
So you leave the baby to rest in bed.

If you pick him up each time he makes a noise
He will be spoiled for sure.
His smiles and gleeful “goos and gaaas”
Are easy to endure.

Body language is how babies converse,
Adults can converse this way too.
Be aware that others do not always interpret
The same way that you do.

Discernment must be used.
A persons eyes reveal much
As does an unspoken word
And a tender gentle touch.

Jesus did not waste words.
Jesus was meek and gentle and kind.
Our strongest message could be when we walk away,
Turning our back on temptation…such obedience is hard to find.

Stray or obey?
May we all have a desire to do what is right.
Whether through speaking the Word, or through body language;
I pray our light is bright!

Written by Linda Lou Jones