Curiosity Concealed

A simple small scroll
Housed within a corked bottle
Makes a statement
All by itself
As it rests peacefully
While remaining dry and secure
Leaving each viewer with a question
One wonders what is written therein.
Better still
Wondering who wrote the note
And why it was placed there.
Motive is as important
As a message is at times.
Since one can only guess
How about you becoming the individual
Who writes the little note...
What would your pen say?
Who would your target be?
What would your motive be?
Would the bottle be cast
Into the ocean, the sea, the lake
Or would you simply take a photo
So as to ponder over it eternally...
Ponder over this food for thought
As you ask yourself what would be written
If the Author was none other than
Jesus Christ

Written by Linda Lou Jones - 12/22/08
PS. 45:1 “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”