Head's Up

The groundhog was chewing on the corn busily.
So busily…
The hunter’s gun
He did not see.

The wind was blowing softly.
The corn did sway.
It really, really was
A beautiful day.

Little did this groundhog know
It would be his last.
His days of chewin’ the farmer’s corn
Would soon be past.

The rifle was raised
While I leaned on the rail fence
Making sure I could see.

I plugged my ears,
Said a quick prayer,
Not quite sure whose side I was on.
Death was in the air.

He fired once.
Then once again!
That little creature
Suffered very little pain.

Silence filled the air.
A hint of sorrow too
‘Cause this job was not easy
For the farmer to do.

Farmers have tender hearts
Just like you.
Their calling is not easy.
They need prayer too.

I dedicate this song
To all the farmers out there
And I pray more people
Will lift you up in prayer.
‘Cause Jesus loves the farmer
Yes indeed…
And Jesus wants the farmer
To keep planting seed.

Head’s up! Head’s up! Head’s up!

Written by Linda Lou Jones