The Little Book

As I walked up the sloped entrance to the public park
Admiring the 160 motorcycles parked alongside,
In the vine
I did abide. (John 15)
My hand held several Christian tracts (Freedom Rider)
Waiting to be handed out.
I prayed, “Lord, show me who to give these to.
Let there be no doubt.” (Prov.3:6)

About five steps later
I felt a gentle tug on my arm.
I turned and looked down at a child’s innocent face.
He said, “Um, how much do those little books cost?”
My heart filled with love.
As I looked into his questioning eyes
This eleven year old Chinese boy was spiritually hungry.
There was no disguise.

Somewhat hesitantly he asked me, “Did someone die?”
Again, my heart was full as I thought of Jesus and Calvary.
This boy had seen 160 bikes lined up as we entered the park at Niagara Falls.
Then God led him to me.
We sat by the curb
As I shared a beautiful love story. (John 3:16).
He then prayed with me the sinner’s prayer.
To God be the glory.

Squeezing the track “Freedom Rider” in one hand
He told me he had never been to Sunday school.
We shook hands then I hugged him briefly, my new pen pal.
God’s unconditional love is a powerful tool. (1Cor.13)
It is our greatest warfare weapon.
What do you do with the love God has given to you?
Is your cup full and running over?
Do you reach out and share with others or is “hibernating” what you do?

My prayer is that more people
Will see Jesus shining through you;
Through me too; and that His perfect will
We gladly do.
If God can move so mightily
Through a little book
Such as the track, “Freedom Rider”,
How much more through a person with a “Jesus” look?

Is Jesus shining through you
Or is He in the Bible only?
Ask Him to show you
Who others see.
Who do you reflect?
Are you all aglow?
Is Jesus someone
You really K N O W?

Written by Linda Lou Jones

PS. 45:1 “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”