To Daddy

He is a man that is frank,
Generous, honest, and sincere,
Gentle, kind, loyal,
It’s great when he’s here.
He brings warmth to the room
With his masculine physic.
His dark brown eyes
And a smile in his cheek.
He is always pleasant,
Easygoing and fun,
Friendly to all.
Foe to none.
He takes me to dinner.
He’s always buying treats.
He’s the reason for a happy face
On everyone he meets.
He loaned me his car.
He loaned me some money.
He never complained.
He’s a real honey.
He fixed the lawnmower.
He vacuumed the pool.
He repaired the car.
He’s no fool.
He’s a husband.
He’s a father.
He’s a grand-pop.
He’s a friend.
He’s not bad.
He’s my dad.
I love him.
The End.

Written by Linda Lou Jones

PS. 45:1 “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”